Warm male backing vocals and harmonies for $60

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Warm male backing vocals and harmonies for $60

My voice blends well with others and has often been described as warm, clear and emotive. Some of my self produced music has been used on the CBS TV show The Young and the Restless.

I will record backing vocals or harmonies for one song.

This may include unison vocals, or harmonies.

I will do up to two different parts, for example, two different harmonies, mid and high, upper and lower.

I can compose the harmonies, or you can send me a demo of what the harmonies should sound like.

I can suggest ideas for the parts or production of the harmonies within your song, or you can instruct me as to where you want the parts, and where you don't want them.

I will do up to 3 revisions, and if requested, I can send up to 2 takes of the same part.

We will begin when you send me your vision for the backing parts and a working demo of your finished song.

You can either send me a version with demo backing vocals, or ask me to compose the backing vocals.
After this I will record the parts for your song.

You should not expect to change your melody or chord progression after we begin working together.

You can listen to examples of my vocals at:

or on your favorite streaming service.

  • Americana
  • Christian
  • Folk
  • Country
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Pop

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