Pro vocals and Lyrics written for $500

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Pro vocals and Lyrics written for $500

This Service is for My vocals and me Writing the lyrics to your music. I write all styles listen to what I have done.Delivered high quality audio.

This will be a share of royalties and copy write 50% your music,my melody and lyric


I have Recorded/Sang on Hundreds of songs for people all over the world. I have Co-written Songs with Producer Rob Fusari(Lady Ga Ga) and many other amazing songwriters/producers.CompaniesI have Music Placements with Major TV,Film and Video games international . I work with currently and in the past are Universal Music,Sony,Coca Cola .Showtime .Budweiser.

My live experience includes opening up for All American Rejects,Foghat,and countless Music acts. Ive had the pleasure of Rocking out and singing with Velvet Revolver In Los Angels, Yea that was Cool!!!!

"Music is My World"

Im a Pro Singer with a great studio And top of the line gear

I sing with heart and soul.I have a fast turn around max 7 days ,but usually 1-2 days

I work world wide via internet or in the Los Angeles area

This Gig Includes 1. Lead vocal 1.Double vocal and up to 2 Harmonies If needed.

I use Pro tools HD,Logic Pro X
Neve 1073 mic pre,ADL1000 tube compressor and Shure Sm7,or Lewitt microphones .

I have Been Featured on session work for TV,Radio,Showtime cable ,Film

What I need for the session:

1. music stereo track mp3

2.vocal guide or scratch track (quality and performance doesn't matter.

3. Audio click from the session.its not always needed
but some times .

I will send back my performance Wave files in what ever format you need.
I provide a rough mix so you get the idea and feel as well.

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