Post-Production and Sound Design for $250

In Sound Design By Ciara Brooke

Post-Production and Sound Design for $250

Professional Post-Production and Sound Design Services
(Anything 2 minutes or less is $250. For projects over 2 minutes long, a custom quote will be needed)

What's included:
- Dialogue Editing
- Sound design
- Music
- Tonal balancing
- Sound correction/repair

My Equipment:
- Pro Tools
- Izotope Post Production Plugins including RX
- Slate Digital Plugins

- Bachelor's Degree in Music Production from the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma
- 6 credit hours of Sound Design and Post Production
- 2 years of audio engineering/sound design experience at Speak Now Productions (see youtube link for previous work example)
- 6 years of music production experience

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