Film Score & Sound Design for $500

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Film Score & Sound Design for $500

This service applies to video or film projects not more than ten minutes overall length, ONLY. Bids for larger projects can be obtained by contacting the studio.

I've been working as a sound designer, composer and dubbing mixer for 30 years with experience in features, shorts, documentaries, spots, theater and editorial content projects. 

Sound editing and design;  

I am an experienced sound editor/SFX editor and Sound Supervisor. With a number of years experience in; Narrative features, documentaries, TVC's and editorial content projects. All elements of sound design/editing and SFX editing to include;
Dialog editing/cleaning.
SFX sourcing/recording.
Foley and ADR Looping.
Final dubbing in 1.0 - 5.1
Complete SFX libraries, foley booth and countless download sites for specialty audio for film. My studio is compatible with ProTools, Cubase pro and Digital Performer. AAF files from FCP and AVID easily accepted here as are XML's and cue sheets for spotting. 

In original music and score: 

My musical styles vary from light underscores to full-on epic orchestrations. Depending on the style and mood of the story, scene and spotting notes, I tend to combine any number of instruments and sounds to achieve the right tone for those sections of the film that call for score. And there are times where score may not play a roll but selected sound design atmospheres may. I can produce fully digital mockups for approvals and easily set up recording sessions, players and studio time for live orchestras. I have in-house music editors, arrangers and copyists when needed. Or complete your score in a fully digital format, depending on budgets. I have the best digital instrument libraries combined with analog and digital synth sounds that are totally unique.

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Jim Rieder

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