Score for your Film Soundtrack for $100

In Sound Design By Benedict Roff-Marsh

Score for your Film Soundtrack for $100

I have awards for Film & Game Scores. I would love to score for your Film or Game.

My style is Space Music, Pure Electronic Music, Chiptune, Hybrid (combining synth + samples). I don't love categories or being a clone to anyone so please research me & my Discography, therefore my range & style, as this is what I can/will deliver.

The video is my latest award winner from a first-time director. There are plenty more things to see. The audio is my own private compositions that show my style/range.

My approach is to understand the Story of the Film & Scene and score to help build that feel for the viewer. From there I work as quickly as I can to get that feeling into sound. Generally, I lean more to the melody & soundscape over percussiveness - other people do that blam, blam, blam thing so there is no need for me to do that too right?

I commonly combine some sound design inside my score so let me know if this wanted or not.

The $100 here will cover up to a 10 minute short with no official budget or distribution (Student Film for Festivals sort of thing).

I can't tell you how much your film is going to cost until I know who you are, what you have done already, distribution plans for this film, your budget (if you hide yours I am going high) and your current Edit (no NDA please, we're all Pros here). If I don't feel connected in some way I will be honest & pass.

  • Electronic
  • Ambient
  • Prog rock
  • World

Bring My Boy Back

from Unmade Movies
  • Bring My Boy Back
  • Fall of Icarus
  • Desert Travelers Pt I
  • Kings Of The Valley

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