Synthesist - Synth Sound Designer for $75

In Sound Design By Benedict Roff-Marsh

Synthesist - Synth Sound Designer for $75

I am a Synthesist which means that I program (and even make) synthesizers to make sounds to match the needs of the song or mix.

If you are looking to add, replace, or improve the synth sounds in your track, I can assist. I have been doing this for 30+ years and have 80+ published projects of various kinds of Electronic Music. I am used to delivering.

Recently I duplicated the synth sounds in "Genie In A Bottle" for a client's cover. In this sort of situation, the more info you can give me on the instruments used, the effects & mix methods used on the song/album the closer I can get. This approach can take several hours per sound if you want them to be almost indistinguishable.

My preference is in creating New sounds to suit the mix you have today. This is faster & cheaper for you and allows for more flexibility & creativity. To do this best I like to have a) your current mix b) the same mix with those sounds you want made muted and c) a MIDI File of that mix with the MIDI lines for the sounds you want to be created for me to make the sound/s right there in your mix to return as Patches or Stems.

Pricing shown is for 3 New sounds delivering Patches or Stems (clone sounds are by consultation).

If requiring sounds for/in a specific instrument, it is on you to ensure I have it available (buy me a license or send me one to my studio). That ain't cheap so we can probably use a free VST instrument like Surge that I know really well. Ask me for advice.

Soundcloud & Video show pack noodles of sounds from some of my soundbanks (Reason ReFills). The local audio tracks show my own compositions using my sounds.

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