Piano, Synths, Effects and Programmed Parts for $60

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Piano, Synths, Effects and Programmed Parts for $60

Hi, my name is Milo Andreo and I can help you in many ways with your audio track.

For all these years I already recorded over 1000 Keys track in many kind of styles for differents parts of the world: Pop, Rock, Blues, Soundtracks, Ballads, Electronic, Dance, Bossa Nova and others...

I can add in your track: Piano, Hammond, Rhodes, keyboard style sounds, synths, effects (reverses, sweep and many others) and programmed parts with layers or overdubs.

Please, let me know your necessities and I´ll be glad to help. Special price for more than one track.


- Keyboards:

Nord Stage 2, Nord Lead4, Nord Electro 4d, Dave Smiths Mopho X4, Novation X-Station 61, Yamaha Acoustic Piano and many VSTs.

- Record

Pro Tools 10, Ableton Live, Universal Audio

Cartoon Opening

  • Cartoon Opening
  • The 80s
  • Motivational
  • Tudo o que eu não sei

23 Reviews

  1. Review By: yajurmadan May 29, 2018

    Great to work with!

  2. Review By: MCiarlante Feb 26, 2018

    Milo did exactly what I asked and more! Great playing and very quick turnaround!

  3. Review By: mexikowski Jan 28, 2018

    Always happy

  4. Review By: mexikowski Jan 28, 2018

    Best as always

  5. Review By: mexikowski Dec 7, 2017

    Great as always *****

  6. Review By: mexikowski Nov 29, 2017

    perfect ***** as always

  7. Review By: mexikowski Nov 14, 2017

    great as always *****

  8. Review By: yajurmadan Nov 1, 2017

    Always a pleasure!

  9. Review By: xeones21 Oct 31, 2017

    Awesome! Will work with him again!

  10. Review By: mexikowski Oct 6, 2017

    Great as always *****

  11. Review By: yajurmadan Sep 21, 2017

    Always a pleasure to work with you!

  12. Review By: mexikowski Jun 28, 2017

    Great as always *****

  13. Review By: manuelborges89 Jun 17, 2017

    really cool dude. We will definetly work together in the future :)

  14. Review By: Geography8 Jun 9, 2017

    Excellent job! Great pianist and really gave the song a nice, up-to-date sound.

  15. Review By: yajurmadan May 2, 2017

    Pleasure working here!

  16. Review By: mexikowski Apr 21, 2017

    Great to work with - great work 5stars -thank you

  17. Review By: JROnline Apr 17, 2017

    Great to work with. Looking forward to collaborating again!

  18. Review By: mexikowski Mar 27, 2017

    Great to work with - great job.

  19. Review By: yoghead Feb 28, 2017

    perfecto - this guy is the man!!! thanks :-)