Musician since 4 years old, Milo Andreo was born in Brazil in 1983. Today he has been living in USA working as performer, music producer and teacher.

"For all these years I already recorded over 1000 Keys track in many kind of styles for differents parts of the world: Pop, Rock, Blues, Soundtracks, Ballads, Electronic, Dance, Bossa Nova and others. I'm shure somehow I can contribute with your project. I'll be my pleasure !"

## Educational Background

- 9 years of Classical Piano at "Arte Maior", Brazil
- 3 years of Keyboard Keyboard Advanced Techniques at São Paulo, Brazil
- Degree and Bachelor in Piano at Uberlândia University, Brazil
- Composition Advanced, USA
- Music Production, USA/UK
- Self-taught on electric and acoustic guitar, bass and accordion.

## Work Experience

- Keyboard player of house band on famous TV Show "Panico na Band" (Brazil).
- Keyboard player with famous brazilian artists
- Performing at 2014 CMA (Nashville, USA)
- Piano and keyboards player with many bands in live concerts.
- Producer for various artists of many style (Pop, Rock, Blues, Dance and others) all over the world (by internet).
- Composition and production of soundscapes for many installations, documentaries, videos in general, advertising, commercials and others.

## Rig

- Nord Stage 2 73 SW
- Nord Lead 4
- Nord Electro 4D
- Dave Smiths MophoX4
- Kurzweil PC3 K6
- Novation X-Station 61
- Yamaha Upright Piano
- Universal Audio Apollo
- Pro Tools 10 and Ableton Live