Piano and Keyboard Tracks... even in Z-Flat Major for $100

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Piano and Keyboard Tracks... even in Z-Flat Major for $100

I strongly believe that communication is a vital ingredient in getting great results, so feel free to explain in depth and send references of what you're looking for, and I'll give it prompt attention. A bit about me:

My life in music began to unfold at a young age in Rhode Island, when many hours were spent being immersed in classical repertoire. I soon realized a fondness for the more melodic creations of composers like Bach, Clementi, Handel, Mozart, and countless others. At the same time, I was glued to the radio, which, being that wonderful decade known as the 80s, I was simultaneously immersed in anything and everything from Journey, Def Leppard, Phil Collins, and Richard Marx, on over to the synth pop world of Duran Duran, Howard Jones, The Human League, and a list so long that it'd probably require twenty profiles on here to address! Besides perennial artists like Billy Joel, the years brought many new artists and bands to my list of influences, including Maroon 5, Matchbox Twenty, and Matthew West.

Just to mix up this musical smoothie a bit further, I'm also a church musician, which involves everything from traditional hymns, organ repertoire, and Contemporary Christian songs. A long stint in the band and piano bar circuit also added to my musical smorgasbord.

For recording, I have a six foot Everett grand piano, which is actually a Yamaha G3 but bore the Everett name when it was built because of tariff issues. I use a number of Audio Technica and Sterling mics for vocals and for the piano. They are connected to a Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK board with ghost preamps. The DAW I most often use is Presonus Studio One Pro, Version 3.5 (at the moment, though will soon be upgrading to v4). It is powered through a MacBook. I have a number of additional plugins for sounds and loops.

I'd be honored to be a part of your next musical endeavor!

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