Keys, Piano, Organ, Synth for your track for $97

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Keys, Piano, Organ, Synth for your track for $97

Hey Music Lovers
My name is Andreas, Im a Full-Time Session Keyboardist based in London UK.
I have over fifteen years experience in the business, and have recorded hundreds of tracks for many different Artists, covering a wide range of Genres .

Some notable Artists include:
Madness, Tippa Irie, Eddie Reader, Luciano, Otis Grand, Scientist, Billy Rowan
and many more....

I have toured around the world, playing all kinds of genres from Jazz to Electronica and everything in between, Pop, Rock, Funk, Soul, Blues, Reggae, World, Synthwave, Hip-Hop, Country

I love being creative and coming up with tasteful parts that compliment the song.
My professional set-up includes:
Clavia Nord Stage
Clavia Nord Electro
Korg Kross 2
Yamaha P45
Shure Beta 57 A Dynamic Microphone
Software: Logic Pro X, Waves Plugins, Natives Instruments
Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitors

making sure to get a high quality recording that you are happy with.

Thanks for checking out my service
Looking forward to working with you
Keep Creating


Xylophone and Piano
  • Pop
  • Reggae
  • Indie
  • Electro
  • Singer Songwriter
  • Rock
  • Jazz

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