Get some MOOG on your track for $100

In Piano, Keys, Synth 100% Guarantee By Joe Garofalo

Get some MOOG on your track for $100

Need something to beef up a brittle mix? Warm it up with some real analog synth goodness. I am a keyboardist and classically trained pianist of 18 years with a ton of experience from electronic music to prog rock to wedding bands. In addition to getting a Sub37 tracked cleanly and professionally through an Overstayer AMPEQ or Shadow Hills Mono GAMA, I can run my synth through a grip of guitar pedals to make it sound just how you want it. Check out my other listing and I'll mix the track too! Not bad.

I can write original parts by ear or follow a lead sheet, chord chart, sheet music, whatever you've got. I am knowledgeable about music theory and will make sure I give you something we are both proud of. This goes without saying, but I will design patches to fit the style and mood of your track.

I will deliver the track back to you as a stereo, 24-bit WAV file (multiple WAVs if I multitrack). Please note that I am OK with generating a few layers of synth tracks, but anything in excess of 5 may incur additional charges. Also, I do ask that you credit me as a player on the release.

Grey World

A song from my latest self produced EP
  • Grey World

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