Pro piano performances and arrangements for $130

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Pro piano performances and arrangements for $130

Enjoy a beautiful acoustic piano sound. I won the 1st prize in the XI piano composition contest “Fidelio 2020” where participated near 150 composers from different countries . I offer pro classical, jazz, pop or latin works for your projects. I graduated in classical piano and have a large experience in latin, jazz and retro pop. My piano teacher specialized in Juilliard School in NY with Adele Marcus. You can hear my piano solo arrangement for a professional production in this cd avalaible on Itunes with the Symphony of Budapest. The composer that hired me is a Bronze medal winner in the Global Music Awards (track 12):

I offer complex and elaborated piano performances and arrangements with a totally professional classical/pop/latin or jazz and virtuosic flavor for your cinema / cds or other music productions.

  • Classical
  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • Pop

Classical demo

Composed by Victor Morales
  • Classical demo
  • Witchcraft jazz trio
  • Retro pop

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