Pro piano performances and arrangements for $130

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Pro piano performances and arrangements for $130

Enjoy a beautiful piano sound and a pro performance and arrangement. My demo is always for free. I won the 1st prize in the XI piano composition contest “Fidelio 2020” where participated near 150 composers from different countries . I offer pro classical, jazz, pop or latin works for your projects. I graduated in classical piano and have a large experience in latin, jazz and retro pop. My piano teacher specialized in Juilliard School in NY with Adele Marcus.

I have travelled to many countries (Germany, Austria, Colombia, Canada, etc) offering live piano concerts. I’ve participated in a lot of professional productions, with several cds of piano arrangements.

I offer complex and elaborated piano performances and arrangements with a totally professional classical/pop/latin or jazz and virtuosic flavor for your cinema / cds or other music productions.

Price: 130$ for 3 minutes (could vary depending of the complexity of the arrangement). Other musicians are charging for their demo, mine is for free but at the same time, I’m not accepting special discount requests.

  • Classical
  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • Pop

Classical demo

Composed by Victor Morales
  • Classical demo
  • E negócio é amar (C. Lyra)
  • Funk demo
  • Witchcraft jazz trio
  • Retro pop
  • A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

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