I will sing bass or lead for your song for $75

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I will sing bass or lead for your song for $75

Equipment: Professionally treated room with 12 GIK acoustic panels, Rode NT1 condenser microphone with pop filter, a focus rite Scarlett 2i2 interface, Yahama HS studio monitors, Cubase 10.5 Pro

I have been singing all my life, and took 7 semesters of vocal training at University. I have sung in multiple choirs and have directed choirs. I have also performed in some musical theatre. I have been online for several years, posting my compositions and vocal work. I have taken a mixing training course through Musician on a Mission that has greatly helped my mixing abilities too.

I love the collaborative aspect of making music! I love communicating and I am really excited to work with others and see their ideas come to life! I am very creative myself and I have a reputation for caring about other people's music as much as they do. That's my guarantee :)

I will provide the lead vocal for your song or a set of backing vocals. I am willing to provide as many takes as you need. I am willing to talk budget and willing to provide whatever you need to finish your song! Nothing is too big or small. I am a hard worker and take criticism well. I have a wide vocal range (hear my samples) I can sing down to a true bass range (C or lower) and up to high baritone range (G or higher) for a range of well over two octaves.

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