Compose professional Cinematic music : songs, soundtracks, trailers for $300

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Compose professional Cinematic music : songs, soundtracks, trailers for $300

Please contact me with any questions and we can work out details. My price tag is too general to judge at first glance.

I have 50+ 5-star reviews on Fiverr and am hoping to get established here too! :)
My samples speak for themselves.

This gig includes an entire song from lyrics to mastering and everything in between: compositions, vocals, instruments, editing, mixing, mastering.

I care very deeply about my craft. I will tailor fit my music to your needs. I have mastery over the entire music production process, from lyrics to composition to vocal performance, to editing, mixing, and sending you the final master. My passion to create is so far inexhaustible.

I have many VSTs (ProjectSAM: Orchestra Essentials, Lumina, Symphobia, Pandora, Cinebrass/winds, Eastwest Gypsy, and Full Kontakt, Halion Sonic, Groove Beats, and more! I have a Behringer Motor 61 key controller, Yamaha HS studio monitors, Sennheiser 700s Headphones, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface, I am happy to demo sing your songs too! I have the Rode NT condenser microphone, with a pop shield.

I will write limitless instrument tracks to get you the sound you want. Imagination shouldn't have limits :)

I have written pieces for the past 15 years, professionally for 8, and have honed my skills to get a unique sound. My music sounds much like Two Steps from Hell and similar artists.

I am extremely collaborative by nature and I love working with other dreamers to make something bigger than I could do by myself! I'd love to work with you next! :)

  • Ambient
  • Classical
  • Electronic
  • Folk
  • Pop-Rock
  • World


Composed, Mixed by me
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Water

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