I will be your pro songwriter epic, folk, pop, rock and producer for $300

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I will be your pro songwriter epic, folk, pop, rock and producer for $300

I have 60+ 5-star reviews on Fiverr and am hoping to get established here too! :)

This gig includes an entire song from lyrics to mastering and everything in between: compositions, vocals, instruments, editing, mixing, mastering.

I have written over a hundred songs...I have a mastery over lyrics and melody lines...I can work very fast and I care very deeply about my craft. Please listen to my demos, and I'm happy to send more samples! I am also a skilled producer who knows how to pick the right sounds and to collaborate with others to get the sound you need too!

I have many VSTs (ProjectSAM: Orchestra Essentials, Lumina, Symphobia, Pandora, Cinebrass/winds, Eastwest Gypsy, and Full Kontakt, Halion Sonic, Groove Beats, and more! I have a Behringer Motor 61 key controller, Yamaha HS studio monitors, Sennheiser 700s Headphones, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface, I am happy to demo sing your songs too! I have the Rode NT condenser microphone, with a pop shield.

I will write limitless instrument tracks to get you the sound you want. Imagination shouldn't have limits :)

I have written songs for the past 15 years and have honed my skills to get a unique sound. Especially if you are looking for crossover genre that is cutting edge and digs a little deeper, I am especially good at that! Thomas J. Bergersen is my hero! :)

I am extremely collaborative by nature and I love working with other dreamers to make something bigger than I could do by myself! I'd love to work with you next! :)

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