Flute/Sax in Any Genre for $125

In Brass, Woodwind By Gina Sobel

Flute/Sax in Any Genre for $125

Hi! I am an active recording and performing artist in jazz, funk, rock, folk, electronic, hip hop and more, based in Virginia, USA. I'm a passionate improviser, a quick sightreader and a confident and creative arranger. My recording credits include Emancipator, McKinley Dixon, Time for T, Moxie and John D'earth, among others, and I've had the pleasure to share the stage with artists like Cory Wong, Darrell Scott, Jeff Coffin and Parachute. The coolest gig I have played so far is Red Rocks Amphitheater with the full Emancipator Ensemble.

My mics include: Audix ADX10, Shure SM7B, Sennheiser 421, Audix OM6, Audix ADX20I, MXL 990. I use a Pre Sonus Audiobox i2 Interface and Logic Pro X on my MacBook Pro.

The fee is per track, and includes two revisions.

Flight Patterns (flute)

rock song - flute solo
  • Flight Patterns (flute)
  • Funk Jam (tenor sax)
  • Egg Cracked (flute)
  • Trust Me (flute)
  • Giant Squids (flute/bass flute)
  • I Arrow (alto sax)
  • Modo (flute)
  • Skin (bass flute)

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