Add flute to your track for $100

In Brass, Woodwind 100% Guarantee By Jaclyn Duncan

Add flute to your track for $100

I am a professional and experienced musician available to add flute to your track. I have played/recorded in various genres ranging from funk, hip hop, rock and jazz to folk, world music and classical. I can read scores and charts, improv, transpose, etc.

What sets me apart? Unlike most saxophone players who double on flute as a second instrument (and often have a thin, airy tone), the only woodwind I gig on is the flute. My sound is clear, focused and full. I'm regularly complimented by jazz/contemporary musicians for my tone as it's not something they're used to hearing outside of the classical world!

I have endless sound samples available to share from both professional and amateur projects I have been a part of. Professional recordings include a Sony Japan release with corresponding MTV video, as well as tracks featuring notable US based studio and mainstream musicians.

A little more about me: I own an event music business with branches in the NJ/Philly/NYC region as well as Florida (Orlando/Jacksonville/Tampa). I spend my weekends gigging with various teams of musicians playing every style under the sun, so I am very well versed in the various genres. Links and such available upon request!

For $100 you will receive up to 3 takes per track and 1 revision.

I look forward to working with you!

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