One-Man Woodwind + Brass Pop/Funk/Soul Full Horn Section for $300

In Brass, Woodwind By David Wise

One-Man Woodwind + Brass Pop/Funk/Soul Full Horn Section for $300

I provide horn parts with real grease, grit, and soul, but with the refinement of a classically trained conservatory-educated professional. My main instrument is saxophone but I double on flute, clarinet, trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, and valve trombone. I have studio recording experience in a wide range of styles, and I am equally comfortable recording written parts or improvised solos in any of these styles, including straight-ahead jazz, swing, blues, funk, pop, hip-hop, soul, mo-town, rock, cumbia, reggae, salsa, ska, afrobeat, free jazz, and western swing.

This service is designed for tracks where you want the sound of a full 3-person horn section but only want to deal with one person to get it all done. That can mean trumpet/2 saxes, 2 trumpets/sax, trumpet/valve trombone/sax, or any other combination you can think of.

$300 (3 hours)
- One track with full one-man 3-part horn section
- 3-part horn arrangement with composed section parts and harmonies/stacks
- One improvised solo
- Additional instruments available at $50 per added voice/harmony

$100 per each additional hour for longer / more complex tracks & arrangements

Full list of available instruments:
Soprano saxophone
Alto saxophone
Tenor saxophone
Baritone saxophone
Valve Trombone
Penny Whistle

  • Funk
  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • Pop
  • Hard Rock
  • Soul
  • Blues
  • Swing

Here's That Rainy Day

jazz tenor sax solo
  • Here's That Rainy Day
  • Rock On
  • Ghost (The Ballad of Billy Jr.)
  • Sweet But Psycho

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