Thick Didgeridoo for your Track for $50

In Brass, Woodwind 100% Guarantee By Stephen Schultz

Thick Didgeridoo for your Track for $50

Recording with ETL Condenser and a Scarlett interface. I have two quality eucalyptus didgeridoos in D and F# as well as an adjustable PVC Didge. Add a haunting sound to your music with this ancient instrument! I fell in love with didgeridoo while touring Australia with a former band. Most people I record for usually want just a pure drone, but I can also provide rhythmic, and some simple beatboxing effects. Check out the audio samples and please let me know any questions. I'm happy to work with you to make the project perfect.

  • Ambient
  • EDM
  • World
  • Trance
  • Folk

Solo Didge

  • Solo Didge
  • More Solo Didgeridoo
  • Spacey Didgeridoo

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