Drum /Percussion Recording for $130

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Peter von Althen

Drum /Percussion Recording for $130

Drummer available for home recording.

Credits include Kathleen Edwards, Sarah Slean, Skydiggers, Jim Bryson, Lynn Miles, Fred Eaglesmith, Starling and many, many others.

3 Juno (Canadian Grammy's....sort of) awards and many nominations.

Vintage Ludwig, Gretsch, WFL, Camco and Yamaha sets. Too many snarers and cymbals to list:)

Fun accessories like concert toms, roto toms and a ton of percussion.

Congas and bongos.

10 Tracks of UAD interfaces. Lots of mic's......

Just contact me and we can discuss what's needed in terms of sound and approach. After that, if you send me a wav. file with a mix of what you'd like me to play to, I can play and then send back a mix of the song with drums. We can then discuss any revisions or changes. I can then provide 3 takes with different options so all of your bases are covered.


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