Multi Track Drums on One Song for $100

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Multi Track Drums on One Song for $100

I will record multitrack drums on one song for $100. This includes one take, feedback/comments, and a second take. Feel free to contact me first to discuss your project and what's needed. I can also provide hi-res samples if you would like to get a sense of the sound of my kit and recording quality. I will be using an AKG D112 for the KIck, SM57 for the Snare & Toms and Shure SM81's for the overheads. I play Gretsch drums. Zildjian, Sabian & Paiste cymbals. I record to Pro Tools in my home studio on my Digi 003 rack

If you have demo tracks that you would like me to sync up with, just make sure they are recorded to a click and include an a 4 bar intro.

I graduated Berklee College of Music '98. I play a variety of styles (Soul, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Latin).

You can hear my playing on Duke Baxter Band & BlackTails albums.

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