**Currently Out Of Service**Professional Drum tracks and loops on one song for $40

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Scott Fugate

**Currently Out Of Service**Professional Drum tracks and loops on one song for $40

**Currently Out Of Service**

The only difference between this and the (Professional Drum Track) gig, is that I will make a full kit mix for you, and make loops of the parts as well with this gig.
I will play to your track or scratch track for $40.00. can bounce WAV, AIF, MIDI, or MP3 if needed. Played on Roland Vkit with my own collection, Toontrack or Slate Plugins and samples.
I may need 5 days to complete, but usually sooner as I like to make sure I have a weekend to work on this.
I have spent a lot of time recording acoustic drums through the years and I have decided to make the change to Roland, MPC, and Korg hardware products for tracking drums. I have collected a huge library of samples from some of the major players including “ That Sound” collections. In addition, I have countless samples of my own kits and cymbals including Ludwig, DW, Gretsch, and Zildjian. My V kits in combination with some of the industry leading Midi companies such as Superior Drummer, EZ drummer, and Slate drums make the perfect combination for a profession sound every time.
With Toontrack’s Ez drummer, Superior drummer, and Slate drums, the options are endless. Their samples are recorded in the best studios around the world with the best equipment in the music industry, by the best engineers.
When an actual drummer plays these samples through the software, it really brings a track alive as opposed to pre- made midi loops. I can bring the energy and tension when needed, or the laid back behind the beat feel when necessary. I am not knocking the loops played by some of the best professional drummers in the world, but in the post editing process, they are to perfect and not customized for your song. My articulation, ghost notes, and custom hits breathe life into a groove, removing the robotic effect. I have embraced modern music and technology and will use it to the fullest to deliver you the best track possible. Check out some of the clips and listen for yourself.

--Check out my You Tube channel for more examples--.

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