drumers session for $75

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drumers session for $75

Leonardo Alvarez is a music teacher and educator, specializing in drums and percussion. He was born in the city of General Roca, province of Rio Negro, Argentina, on June 30 th 1978. He established himself in the city of Buenos Aires since 1997 and was a student of Daniel 'Pipi' Piazzolla.
He founded and currently directs located in the heart of Argentina's Capital, providing musical education to about 80 students. The school was created based on the need of building a study center that would encompass different ways of approaching music. This space focuses both on future professional musicians as well as those who approach music form a recreational and relaxing standpoint. The school has 14 teachers on staff, including a wide variety of musical styles, such as Tango, Jazz, Latin Folk music, Rock, etc. Regular musical activities include private lessons, courses, seminars, workshops, and band practice.
also provides training courses for companies, focusing on different objectives such as: work group integration and coordination creative leadership techniques
Based on creativity, and through the percussion orchestra, different relaxed activities are proposed so achieve a musical product based on team work.
At IUPA Music University he teaches Drums to more than 40 students every semester, who are pursuing the Professional Drummer major
As a musician, he is renowned for his versatility and performance in different musical styles. He has participated in 17 record productions of different styles and was a part of the orchestra in many musical comedies that were shown in Buenos Aires such as 'Eva, The Argentine musical', with Nacha Guevara and Alberto Favero, and Astor Piazzolla's 'Maria de Buenos Aires'.
I have a wide variety of drum kits and snares (vintage and modern) that I customize per song. I like to create a drum sound that suits the song I'm working on. I look forward to working with you.
Studio gear is as follows:
Behringer, UMC 1820
Cubase 8
Cascade C77, Ribbon
Akg 112
Rode NT5 par
Shure Beta 57's,
Shure Beta 98a´s
Drum set: Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute.
Snare: Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 51/2x14, Yamaha Steve Jordan 7x13 , Ludwing Black Beauty 5x14, Ludwuig Suprafonic brass 3x13, Ludwing acrolite 5x14, Ludwing acrolite Galaxy 5x14m Ludwing Suprafonic 61/2x14, Pearl Master Custom 8x14,

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