Master Quality Drum Tracks By Pat Bautz for $100

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Pat Bautz

Master Quality Drum Tracks By Pat Bautz for $100

Master Quality drum tracks for your songs, film or television project record by professional session musician and audio engineer. Your tracks are recorded in a professionally designed studio not a bedroom or basement. Using the best equipment available.
Credits-I have toured and/or recorded with Three Dog Night, Dave Mason, Michael Johns, Livvi Franc, Jeffrey Osborne, Little Richard, Freddy Fender, Badfinger, Nelson, Rodney Dangerfield, Mickey Gilley, Everett Harp, Randy Meisner, Wanda Jackson, Stella Parton, Lincoln Center, the London Symphony, Atlanta Symphony, ABC television, NBC, CMT, PBS, VH1, 2 Dove awards, Grammy nominated records and many more!

Recording Gear
2-Lynx Aurora 16 Converters 32in/out
SSL AWS Console
Apogee Big Ben Clock
Protools Ultimate
Digital performer 7
massive amounts of plug-ins
SSL Buss Compressor
Auteur BLA Mic Pre’s
API 312 Mic Pre’s
Ampex 601 tube mic pre
Summit dcl-200 stereo compressor
Urei LA 4
U/A 1176
Avalon 737 st
DBX 160 stereo pair
Distressors stereo pair
Yamaha NS-10s
JBL LSR 4300
Adam S5VAMK2 Soffit mounts
Neumann U-47
Neumann U-87
AGK D112
AKG 414’s
AKG C430’s
Royer 122

Sennheiser MD 421’s
Sennheiser e904’s
Shure 313
Shure KSM 32’s
Shure Ksm109’s
Shure SM 57’s
Shure Beta 52
Shure SM-81’s

1948 Vintage WFL drum kit
Pearl Maple Custom kit
Yamaha recording custom kit
Zildjian K and A series cymbals
Snare drum selection is extensive from standard maple snare drums to black beauty, soprano snare drum, custom Hitmaker, etc…

Typically your Drum tracks will include Kick, Sub Kick, Snare top and bottom, Hat, Ride, Tom1, Tom 2, Tom3, Overhead Left, Overhead right and Left and Right room mic’s. I can also supply you with other tracks such as an different off room miking etc.
All sample rates and bit depths are supported.
2 revisions if needed are included in this price. Further revisions are $20 each

Songs over 5 min require extra charge.

Sessionwire session add $40

Studio designed by Lou Clark @ sonic space

  • Funk
  • Pop-Rock
  • Hip Hop
  • R&B

Little too Right

Pop Rock
  • Little too Right
  • Whiskey Kings

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