High Quality Multitrack Drum Recording For Your Song for $100

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High Quality Multitrack Drum Recording For Your Song for $100

Hello all, my name is Joshua Warren.

I've played drums for over twenty years and have recorded tracks for musicians of all skill levels in genres ranging from country and rock, to pop and folk. I'm currently writing and touring with the band Cavern Company, who's single "Enough?" was nominated by the International Music Awards for Best Indie Alternative Single.

I also run Warr Drums, a recording studio and drum tracking service out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Warr Drums is equipped with a professionally designed and treated live room with adjustable acoustics panels, so that I can tailor the sounds of the room to your music's needs. It also has all of the necessary analogue outboard gear and quality microphones you need to get a great sound.

With this service you'll get a high quality multitrack recording up to six minutes in length. The multitrack will include 12 tracks of acoustic drums. You will be allowed two revisions as we perfect the performance and tones that you want, and then you will be provided with up to three comped variations.

I look forward to making music with you!

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  • Americana
  • Rock

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