Quality Drum Tracks for $90

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Quality Drum Tracks for $90

Full drum recording. I have more time to dedicate to session work both in Nashville and via the internet as I am off the road currently. Please check out scottyschultz.com for more info. I can track and get feedback to adjust the track to your preference.

I record on two Universal Audio Apollo interfaces using both UAD plugins and analog Neve, CAPI, API, and Black Lion preamps into Protools 12. I have a variety of options of drum set, snare, cymbals, and microphones at my disposal and look to make every track sonically what you are looking for.

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  1. Review By: timholy May 27, 2019


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  3. Review By: timholy May 13, 2019


  4. Review By: shortstraw Feb 21, 2018

    Terrific job. Tight, solid, professional. Scotty went above and beyond to make sure that everything was organized and delivered as I wanted it. These guys can play! Thanks!

  5. Review By: SteveH Mar 17, 2017

    If you have an idea what you’re going for, you want to be listened to. More than that, you want to be heard. You want intelligent responses. You want a true pro who won’t let you set out in the wrong direction in spite of your ignorance AND who won’t just do it their way cause “this is how we do.” You want thorough planning, kit assembly based on the sound you’re after, and flawless execution…with heart. You want Scotty.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  6. Review By: stevenroberts Dec 17, 2016

    The drum tracks I received fit the tunes vibe very nicely:) I was looking for something quite specific, and Scotty put in a lot of time and effort on this gig. He even went out of his way to mike up a vintage drum kit to deliver what I was looking for. He has got to be one of the most dedicated and hard working people when it comes to music creation:) I also have to mention that he's great on communication, as well.

  7. Review By: oldsquid Apr 19, 2015

    Good communication. Delivered on time. Easy file transfer. Great Experience!