High Quality Mix For Your Project for $150

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High Quality Mix For Your Project for $150

We all know that great songs start at the source with great songwriting, arranging, and recording, but a mix can make or break all that hard work you've put in. With this service, you'll get a high quality mix that will enhance your recordings and bring them to life in a musical way.

This service includes one mix with one round of revisions for one song up to six minutes in length with a 40 track maximum. This service does not include editing, vocal comping, vocal tuning. However, please reach out to me for a custom quote if you are needing any of these additional services done, as I am happy to do them as well as a service extra.

I mix inside Logic Pro X with an Apollo X8P interface. I have access to a range of top quality plugins from companies such as UAD, Waves, Fab-Filter, Soundtoys, Kush, etc.

  • Rock
  • Americana
  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Country

How Long O Lord

  • How Long O Lord
  • Another Minute With You

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