Electric or Upright Bass for your track for $100

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Ronald Thieleman Jr

Electric or Upright Bass for your track for $100

Electric or Upright Bass with 3 tracks. Clean DI, Amp DI, Cab Mic. All time aligned to be dropped right in with minimal editing needed on your end.

I'm a classically trained Upright and Electric Bassist. I have a B.A. in music Performance on Double Bass and a Interlochen Arts Academy Fisher scholarship alumni. I have toured north america for Ghosts of August (Warner)and The David Gerald Band(Bluenote). I can read charts or write my own, whatever suits your project.
I have a large collection of instruments from 200 yr old uprights, 60's Gibson's and Fenders, to modern custom instruments. I record into Focusrite Red Preamps and use Logic. I have a great selection of real amps including Fender, Ampeg, Darkglass, Aguilar, and TC Electronics with multiple sizes of cabinets. For Clean DI's I use Radial and Fishman. I am a pedal junkie so if your looking to push the boundaries of what your project could be I'm always open for experimentation. If your project requires a more tradition approach I like to think of myself as a curator of classic vintage tone.
Please don't heasitate to contact me and I have a 100% customer satisfaction mindset.

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