Bass Guitar Recording for $45

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Bass Guitar Recording for $45

I’m a bassist that provide custom online bass recording sessions for you and your music. You'll get my maximum effort at the lowest price. Tell me about your music idea, projects or what would you like for your music through the 'Contact me' button above.

I love playing and recording bass, and it's what i'd like to show to you with passion.
If you're looking for massive bass lines, new ideas, enthusiasm for music and love for music recording contact me.
Fingered, picked or slapped bass, what you prefer trying to satisfy your needs.

Musicman Stingray V
Markbass GV4
Markbass Little Mark III
Markbass 121H Traveler
Pedalboard with MXR Bass Octave Deluxe, TRex Bass Juice, TC Electronic Nova Delay, Boss Chorus Ensemble.

Frank Capitanio - Long Away

I played and recorded this bassline.
  • Frank Capitanio - Long Away

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