Grammy Award, Gold Record Bass Tracking for $175

In Bass 100% Guarantee By D Smitty Smith

Grammy Award, Gold Record Bass Tracking for $175

One aspect that separates many bass players is "Identity". I've been fortunate to have developed a sound, feel and style that is Uniquely me and recognizable among many bass players as well as Artists in the US and Internationally.

My gear is straight forward, starting with great sounding basses. I use 4 and 5 string "Smitty Smith" custom Jazz basses by Performance Guitars in Hollywood, also Sire PJ bass, and a Vintage 4 string Jazz bass. I also provide Piccolo lead bass and Juno 1 synth bass as well, if desired.

I use Digital Performer and also Logic, various amp simulators and effects I need for a variety styles from R&B/Soul, Funk, Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Gospel, Country, Rock, Smooth Jazz, Jazz

I guarantee satisfaction with 3 revisions.
I will provide two tracks per song - with varying interpretation, and a few bonus fills.

Stuff Like That

R&B/Soul Vocal
  • Stuff Like That
  • Them Changes
  • Lake Shore Drive
  • Turn It Around

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