Upright and electric bass lessons for $75

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Upright and electric bass lessons for $75

Hi! My name is Agustín, I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love music in all it's aspects, I really enjoy teaching it and playing it. I see myself as a relaxed and patient teacher, with great comitment towards my students.

I began studying guitar when i was 9 years old, and later on electric bass and double bass became my favourite instruments.

I regularly play Jazz gigs in my city, but i also have played other styles of music such as Rock, Pop, Folk, Funk, Soul, Bossa Nova and Tango.

I really enjoy listening to every style of music and also to teach them.

I've studied my instruments in deep at the Conservatory and with renowned music teachers.

I play every day and I love what i do! I hope we can share that feeling.

I have 8 years of experience teaching private lessons and I also currently teach the music subject at highschool and double bass at a school orchestra.

I seek to generate a relaxed environment for my lessons, where students can achieve their goals while having fun, without getting stressed or feeling pushed.

I have Degrees in Music and Composition, and i've also done courses on music teaching.

Please don't hesitate on contacting me so we can discuss your goals!

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  • Pop-Rock

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