Electric and Upright Bass Remote Recordings for your songs or beats for $75

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Electric and Upright Bass Remote Recordings for your songs or beats for $75

Elevate your music to new heights with my premium remote bass recording services! As a professional musician with years of experience I'll deliver top-tier bass tracks that enhance the essence of your project. Whether you're diving into jazz, exploring rock, or crafting a unique sound, my expertise ensures a tailored approach to meet your musical vision.

What I Offer:

Professional Bass Recordings
Versatility across Genres
Crystal Clear Sound Quality
Collaborative Revisions

Why Choose Me:

I'm a professional musician, trained in both jazz and classical music. I bring years of experience and a finely-tuned ear to every project. From laying down solid grooves to intricate bass lines, I'm dedicated to providing the sonic foundation your tracks deserve.

How It Works:

1️ Discussion: We'll chat about your project, musical preferences, and expectations.

2️ Recording: I'll craft a tailored bass recording remotely, ensuring a seamless fit with your music.

3️ Collaboration: Receive the initial recording, and we can collaborate on revisions to perfection.

4️ Final delivery.


How does the remote recording process work?

It's simple! After discussing your project, I'll record the bass remotely and send you high-quality files. We can collaborate and make revisions until you're satisfied.

What genres do you specialize in?

I'm versatile and proficient in various genres, including jazz, rock, pop, and many more. Let me know your preferences, and I'll tailor the recording to match your style.

What file formats do you deliver?

I can deliver the recordings in your preferred format, whether it's WAV, MP3, or another standard format. Just let me know your preference.

What equipment do you use for recording?

I use a top of the range 3/4 Stradella Double bass, an incredible sounding Squier Classic Vibe Jazz Bass and a GK MB110 amp. I record either a direct line or I use a Condenser mic straight to the Focusrite Solo 3rd Gen.

  • Jazz
  • Funk
  • Pop-Rock
  • Folk
  • Hip Hop
  • Latin

Donna Lee

Double Bass Sample - Walking Bass Line
  • Donna Lee
  • Hip Hop Beat

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