Bass guitar tracking for $95

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Bass guitar tracking for $95

Bass is an extension of myself - I just love bringing the groove! I have 30+ years of playing experience,

My go-to rig is my beloved Ibanez BTB505, running into my Gallien Kruger PLEX preamp, and then through my Fender Rumble - an outstanding amp and speaker

I will deliver three tracks in the format you request for each performance:
1. GK Preamp output
2. Mic'ed amp signal
3. Finally, the direct output, straight from the bass - you can reamp this yourself should you desire.

Should you need additional production for your song, please see my other production services

See examples below:
0:00 Pretty Lies - LUNA LAVA
0:45 She’s Boss - Lady Alderney
1:19 Queen Unique - FNTSTC

  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Rock
  • Christian
  • CCM
  • Funk

Bass grooves

3 examples of my productions including grooving bass
  • Bass grooves

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