Electric and Upright Bass Recording + Transcription for $100

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Beth McPherson

Electric and Upright Bass Recording + Transcription for $100

I have extensive experience playing just about any genre or style, specializing in jazz, metal, funk, R&B/soul, progressive/fusion (jazz, funk, rock), Latin/Brazilian, world (Mediterranean, Arabic), rock, pop, and country. I also have a lot of experience playing in musical theater pit orchestras and have strong reading abilities. Please select this service if you need me to transcribe/learn a bass line by ear and then record it for your song.

I have the following basses available for use:
4 string Fender American Standard Precision bass; passive, roundwound strings
4 string Fender American Standard Precision bass; passive, flatwound strings, Hipshot D Xtender drop tuner
5 string Fender American Deluxe Jazz bass; active, roundwound strings
5 string fretless Sire Marcus Miller V7; active, roundwound strings
5 string Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray HH; active, roundwound strings
Double bass hand-carved by Anton Wilfer in Germany in 1930

I also have the following pedals available for use:
Darkglass B7K Ultra v2
Darkglass Microtubes X7
MXR Bass Envelope Filter
EBS Octabass
EBS DPhaser
EBS TremoLo
TC Electronic Ditto Looper

I also have the Parallax by Neural DSP plugin and Mammoth by Aurora DSP(distortion, overdrive, fuzz), as well as Ampeg SVT Suite.

I am capable of many extended techniques, such as tapping, harmonics (artificial, natural, pinched, slide, harp), slapping/popping (double/triple thump/pluck), and can play both finger style and with a pick. I can also play a softer fingerstyle technique with a warmer, phatter tone; or, I can play a louder, more aggressive 'strike-thru' fingerstyle technique often used in metal, somewhat resembling slap bass. I can play both pizzicato and arco on upright bass. I will do as many revisions as necessary until you are satisfied with my work. If you would like me to imitate a specific bass player in my recording, please tell me and I will do my best to do so!

As a Berklee-trained musician, I have received extensive and intense ear training, including transcription assignments. I have experience transcribing bass lines and solos in many different styles and using many different techniques. These include jazz, metal, rock, R&B/soul, funk, fusion, pop, indie, country, reggae/ska, Latin/Brazilian, and World music. I can include standard notation with or without tab in PDF format.

  • Funk
  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • Neo soul
  • Rock

Under the Strain - Ruslan Mamedov

progressive rock/metal
  • Under the Strain - Ruslan Mamedov
  • Marica - Pedro Gomez
  • The Longest Wait - Ruslan Mamedov
  • Chorinho for Tati - Vardan Ovsepian

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