Major Label Los Angeles Session Bassist for $150

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Matthew Denis

Major Label Los Angeles Session Bassist for $150

I'm a session and touring bassist in Los Angeles with 15 years of professional experience and credits with over a dozen major label artists & producers.

I specialize in all styles of rock, pop, metal & country with a full production studio here in LA that serves a wide variety of needs: taking songs to the next level and putting a big smile on the artist's face are my favorite things about this job.

Most recently I'm have been performing with Diamante and writing at Warner Music Nashville, and spent most of 2019 touring with Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle & Three Days Grace.

Due to COVID-19 all current touring and travel plans are on hold, so I'm offering a 50% off rate for all bass sessions through this platform.

My endorsements include:
Fender Basses
Dingwall Basses
Bergantino Audio Systems
Darkglass Electronics
Tech 21 NYC
Nordstrand Audio
Jim Dunlop USA
Payson Strings

I work closely with all of my artists to deliver their exact sonic vision: getting the right tone for a song is just as important as playing the right parts.

I always record a clean, unprocessed DI track (bass plugged directly into one of a few available tube preamps and a channel strip) as well up to three processed tones run through the amplifier(s) and effects that are most appropriate for your needs.

100% satisfaction guaranteed, 48-72 hour turnaround, one revision included.

Let me know how I can help give your music what it needs.

- Matthew

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