Affordable Professional Electric and Upright Bass Recordings from a Berklee-Trained Musician for $75

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Beth McPherson

Affordable Professional Electric and Upright Bass Recordings from a Berklee-Trained Musician for $75

I am a Berklee-trained musician with 14 years of experience playing bass. I have studied with Anthony Vitti, Joe Santerre, Bruce Gertz, Whit Browne, Chris Loftlin, Mike Pope, Lincoln Goines, Oscar Stagnaro, Fernando Huergo, and several others while at Berklee. Beyond Berklee, I have studied with numerous extreme metal talents, including Linus Klausenitzer, Dominic "Forest" La Pointe, Jared Smith, Arran McSporran, Jacob Umansky, Conner Green, Brendan Brown, andmultiple other technical masters of the instrument.

I have extensive experience playing just about any genre or style, specializing in jazz, metal, funk, R&B/soul, progressive/fusion (jazz, funk, rock), Latin/Brazilian, world (Mediterranean, Arabic), rock, pop, and country. I also have a lot of experience playing in musical theater pit orchestras and have strong reading abilities. I can play a part that you've written out yourself, or create my own bass line to accompany your song.

I have the following basses available for use:
4 string Fender American Standard Precision bass; passive, roundwound strings
4 string Fender American Standard Precision bass; passive, flatwound strings, Hipshot D Xtender drop tuner
5 string Fender American Deluxe Jazz bass; active, roundwound strings
5 string fretless Sire Marcus Miller V7; active, roundwound strings
5 string Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray HH; active, roundwound strings
Double bass hand-carved by Anton Wilfer in Germany in 1930

I also have the following pedals available for use:
Darkglass B7K Ultra v2
Darkglass Microtubes X7
MXR Bass Envelope Filter
EBS Octabass
EBS DPhaser
EBS TremoLo
TC Electronic Ditto Looper

I also have the Parallax by Neural DSP plugin and Mammoth by Aurora DSP(distortion, overdrive, fuzz), as well as Ampeg SVT Suite.

I am capable of many extended techniques, such as tapping, harmonics (artificial, natural, pinched, slide, harp), slapping/popping (double/triple thump/pluck), and can play both finger style and with a pick. I can also play a softer fingerstyle technique with a warmer, phatter tone; or, I can play a louder, more aggressive 'strike-thru' fingerstyle technique often used in metal, somewhat resembling slap bass. I can play both pizzicato and arco on upright bass. I will do as many revisions as necessary until you are satisfied with my work. If you would like me to imitate a specific bass player in my recording, please tell me and I will do my best to do so!

  • Jazz
  • Metal
  • Prog rock
  • R&B
  • World
  • Funk

Under the Strain demo

Progressive metal recording, includes two bass tapping solis in unison with synths and demonstrates an aggressive fingerstyle technique. This is a bass line that I wrote myself.
  • Under the Strain demo
  • Chorinho for Tati
  • Feel That?
  • Wine Glass Heart

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