Top-Tier Bass Track From NYC Bass Player for $125

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Noam Tanzer

Top-Tier Bass Track From NYC Bass Player for $125

Do you need a deep, clear, and tight electric/acoustic bass track for your next big hit? Look no further!

Gigs include Mike Stern, Julieta Rada, Bob Francescini, Dave Fields, Sean Wayland, Danny Rivera, and Paquito D'Rivera.

Gear List:
- 5-string Fender American Pro II Precision Bass V (PJ)
- 4-string Fender American Performer (PJ)
- 1920's Juzek Acoustic Bass

-Rupert Neve RNDI
-Tech21 SansAmp Bass Driver
-EBS MicroBass III
-JHS 3 Series Compressor
-Pigtronix Bass Fat Drive
-MXR Fullbore Metal
-Mooer EQ
-Boss OC-3 Octave Pedal
-Behringer Ultra Fuzz

-WA-47 Tube Condenser
-Aston Origin Condenser
-Electro-Voice RE20 Dynamic
-sE Electronics X1s Condenser

Audio Interface - PreSonus Studio 68c

I use Logic and Ableton with Waves, Fabfilter, Izotope, Soundtoys, and Brainworx plugins.

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