Upright Bassist for your project for $75

In Bass By Pablo Lanouguere

Upright Bassist for your project for $75

I'm Pablo Lanouguere, I professional upright/electric bassist based in New York City. I currently work as a session player and also have my own projects were I write my original music.

The price set in this project is for one edited & finalized track, with up to two revisions regarding the line itself.

I'm a versatile player, I can cover Jazz, Swing, Rock, Pop, Latin, Funk, Ballads, etc. I do also play with a bow, so you can request to add bowed lines as well.

-100 -year-old German Double Bass
-European Double Bass
-MTD 6-string Electric Bass
-Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe (V string)

-AKG 414 XLiii
-Audio Technica 4041
-Ehrlund EAD
-Remic DB5400

-Pro Tools

Sony A7C + many lens options

  • Jazz
  • Funk
  • Classical
  • Latin
  • Pop-Rock

Here We Go Again

Solo Bass
  • Here We Go Again
  • You Wish You Played The Flute
  • Perro De Marmol

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