Bass Tracks with Soul and Groove that serve the Song for $45

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Stefan Fuhr

Bass Tracks with Soul and Groove that serve the Song for $45

I have toured and recorded with international artists such as Yusuf/Cat Stevens, Joss Stone, and Gentleman, as well as German artists including Sido, Adel Tawil, Bausa, Die Fantastischen Vier and many more.
I have been a professional bass player for the last 18 years, following 7 years of experience as a sound engineer.

Whether it's creating a bass part from scratch, refining an existing idea, or recording a fully written part note by note, my aim is to ensure your satisfaction. I'm here to embrace your ideas and vision, while offering my creative input.

Whether you're looking for lively bass tracks to complement your music, I'm committed to delivering high-quality results that exceed your expectations.

With the convenience of remote bass recording sessions, you gain access to my extensive collection of bass guitars and equipment.

My recording studio is acoustically treated, allowing me to make informed decisions and ensure balanced recordings. This setup also facilitates high-quality acoustic recordings of my acoustic bass and re-amping my bass amp.

The core pieces of my signal chain for electric basses are a Noble Amplifiactions Tube DI, known for its extraordinary clarity, and an Antelope AD Converter, known for it's ultra precise clock and superior sounding converters.

Optionally the signal passes through an Origin Effects Cali76 for UREI 1176 style compression usually in paralell to the dry signal, and an Origin Effects BassRig '64 Black Panel for some Fender Bassman style grit and fatness. Both pedals are built with discrete circuits.

I rely on Avid Pro Tools™ for all my recordings, guaranteeing top-notch quality in recording, editing, and mixing. Additionally, I have an extensive collection of third-party plugins at my disposal for mixing and sound design. While the list is too vast to cover entirely here, rest assured, I have the tools necessary to elevate your project with exceptional bass recordings.

On request I can do re-amping with my Eden 4x10" Cabinet. It is modified with 300Watt Neodym Celestion speakers which deliver a stunning Low End with a solid fundamental of a low B String.

  • Funk
  • Neo soul
  • Hip Hop
  • R&B
  • Soul
  • Reggae

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