Upright, Electric-Upright, Fretted, and Fretless for $100

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Pat Harris

Upright, Electric-Upright, Fretted, and Fretless for $100

I am an experienced bassist and musician both in the studio and on stage. My number one goal is to make whoever hires me feel confident and comfortable. It's your recording and you're the person that has to ultimately be in love with the final product in order to effectively market it.

I have a variety of basses and processing gear to get you the exact sound/tone/vibe you may be after. I am proficient in many different styles, and I look forward to working with you to achieve your vision. If you have specific ideas, I'm willing to work with those, or I'm happy to bring some of my own ideas to the table.

I hold two degrees in music, and I use some of the best instruments, pedals and recording equipment to achieve efficient and professional results. One of these basses (Fully carved upright bass, Electric-upright "stick" bass, Fretted and Fretless bass guitars) will be tracked through a Universal Audio Apollo interface into Logic Pro X. I can send you the unprocessed tracks as well as tracks with a bit of processing based on what I "hear" in relation to the song. It's my goal to make the mixing engineer's job very easy, and all they should have to do is drop in the bass track and bring it to the desired level. There should not be any need for radical EQ, compression or tweaking.

I look forward to hearing your music and working with you! Best - Pat

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