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Online Bass Guitar Recording for $75


I am a graduate of ACM Guildford in Music Industry Practice, specialising in performance. I have been playing bass, both standard electric and fretless too, for 15 years and play to a high level with a strong sense of groove and rhythm, as well as attention to dynamics. I am also responsible for the majority of the instrumentation of the band 31hours.

If you have a part already written and are looking for someone to play it, I would be happy to. However, if you would like me to write the bass part first as well as recording it I am able to do that too.

If you are not happy with the first recording I provide, I am happy to provide a revision after hearing more about how you would like the part to be played!

I have available a Yamaha (PJ style) fretted bass, a Mustang bass, and a Hofner-style fretless for a distinctly different and warm, double bass-esque sound.

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31hours - yo-yo

A track featuring my bass playing
  • 31hours - yo-yo

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