Natural Vocal Tuning and Editing for $75

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Natural Vocal Tuning and Editing for $75

Nowadays, listeners are used to perfectly pitched and timed vocals. Still, it’s crucial to preserve the natural sound of the voice (except when using pitch correction as a purposeful effect). I will pitch and edit your vocal tracks manually to achieve a polished but still natural-sounding result using industry-standard Melodyne. If you need mix-ready vocals, contact me—no matter what genre!

My editing service includes pitch and time adjustments for one song with up to five vocal tracks. If you want multiple songs edited, if your song has more tracks, or if you have additional requirements, please get in touch beforehand.

--- For further services, please see my other offers—there is no mixing or mastering included in this gig! ---

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Hard Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Folk
  • Punk

Vocal Edit Reel

Examples of songs I edited vocals for. These songs have also been produced, mixed and mastered by me.
  • Vocal Edit Reel

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