Harmonic redesign and Arrengements reviewing/consulting. for $35

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Harmonic redesign and Arrengements reviewing/consulting. for $35

Hi Folks, with a High Rated Studio Pro Award in Airgigs.com, plus more than 65 five stars positive reviews and a popular Youtube Channel with near 2 millions views, I come to offer you a service that will help you to get your song to the full beauty it can reach.
Rethinking the Harmonization of your melodies and arrangements of your song will make your song distinguish from the other ones. A correct background for your song can take your melody to its full beauty.
I can give you tips about mixing, harmonization, instrumentation, vocal harmonies, miking tips, guitar, piano, strings and synths design for your song.
I work only with Classical Rock and Ballads, in 60´s 70´s and 80´s style, I refuse to work on other styles because I simply don´t love them and understand them so I can´t do a honest work for your song.
Expect me to give you a constructive review of your song, and help as much as I can to make your music as beautiful as can be.
Gustavo Eiriz.

Oblivion (A.Piazzolla)

Gustavo Eiriz Quinteto.
  • Oblivion (A.Piazzolla)

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