Guitar Fingerpicking Specialist Lesson for $30

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Guitar Fingerpicking Specialist Lesson for $30

Hi There, with over 194 five star rating in Airgigs i offer you my new service of lessons: i will give you ideas, insights, exercises to develop the beautiful and complex art of the fingerpicked guitar. This technic you will be able to use it for playing pop/rock or even for playing classical music (in the case that you wish to learn how to read scores).
I have a very long experience in teaching and playing this style and it is mainly my speciality: i began studying classical guitar when i was 10 years old an I am able to teach you the secrets to achieve a nice fluent and big sound for your playing instrumental, or to back-up your singing.

  • Classical
  • Pop-Rock
  • Country
  • Latin
  • Folk

Various playing styles.

  • Various playing styles.

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