Lead vocals for your song 2 takes for $170

In Vocals In Vocals (Female) 100% Guarantee By Liel Bar-Z

Lead vocals for your song 2 takes for $170

Lead vocals for your song

Microphone : AKG c 214
Program: Cubase 8
Audio Interface: Roland Quad Capture

My name is Liel, I'm a 25 year old singer songwriter with tons of recording experience, specializing in theater but sing in all genres.
With this gig, you will receive lead vocals for a track up to 3:30 minutes, and a professional picture of me which you can choose from my image gallery.
You can also be featured on my pages, links in profile :)
A top rated vocalist on Airgigs with over 70 5 star reviews, I love collaberating with different artists and creating something great together. Click my profile to find out what my previous clients think :)


00:00-00:17- Hear me call// 17:00-00:45- Carnival// 00:46-01:00-Bus
  • Dramatic
  • Electronic
  • High Notes
  • Rock

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