Online mixing - One song up to 24 tracks / 5' for $150

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Online mixing - One song up to 24 tracks / 5' for $150

From just a few tracks to huge projects, we can take your separate recordings and make them sound great. Send us your multitrack material, your goals and your ideas, we’ll use all our know-how and experience to deliver a professional sounding mix, ready for further mastering.

Full mixing service
Limited audio editing (2 hours in total including tuning, time-aligning and noise removal, as required)
Advice on suggested/desirable additional editing required by your material
Draft watermarked .mp3 files for your review (up to 2 revisions are included)
One professionally mixed song, delivered as a high quality (44.1 kHz / 24 bit) stereo .wav file
The file will be delivered ready for further mastering (no limiting/maximising, full headroom)

High quality audio files for each track (stereo tracks, e.g. keys, count as one track). Please bounce MIDI files to .wav, we are only working on audio files
Any suggestion, requirement, desire, explanation about your artistic and sonic goal

MORE information about your artistic and sonic goal
Any reference track: what other songs sound similar in «mood» to yours? Do you like a particular snare sound? Did you take inspiration from some other songs? Please notice: referencing a song doesn’t mean copying!!! Your song will have its unique character and personality!!!
A MIDI tempo map, if you have any, and info about the structure of your song
The lyrics of your song
An authorisation to add your song to our portfolio / audio reel
Full credit on your release(s). We will give you information about the correct credits for our service, and we’d really appreciate it
An invitation to your Grammy awarding ceremony and party!

When I'm Gone

Mixing sample
  • When I'm Gone

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  1. Review By: CeciliaVoh Jun 25, 2019

    Thank you for the report, very helpful!

  2. Review By: marmosetman May 10, 2019

    Thank you Giovanni for your great communication, your quick turnaround, your attention to detail and your high standards. Highly recommended.

  3. Review By: shanks007 Dec 12, 2018

    I’m very very happy of the work of Claudia and Giovanni. They are amazing :)!