Online mastering - Single song for $100

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Online mastering - Single song for $100

When you are going to distribute your music, mastering becomes the cherry on top, bringing your great mix to a whole new&shining level, getting that professional “radio-like” sound. Send us your mix, we’ll master it wisely, giving you a polished and professional product, ready to stand out on the market, as a single or as a coherent set of songs.

Full mastering service
Advice on suggested/desirable additional editing required by your material
Draft watermarked .wav file for your review (1 revision is included)
One professionally mastered song, delivered in three formats: high quality (44.1 kHz / 24 bit) stereo .wav file, CD-ready (44.1 kHz / 16 bit) stereo .wav file and "small but good" (320 kbps) .mp3 file
The files will be delivered as loud as you need. Please notice we do not foster the loudness war, so we will give you advice about the best loudness vs dynamic range tradeoff

One high quality audio file, in .wav format at the highest resolution possible (44.1 kHz / 24 bit minimum), not limited/maximised and with at least 3 dB of available headroom. Do not fade your endings, even if you want a fade-out: tell us and we will do it for you
Any suggestion, requirement, desire, explanation about your artistic and sonic goal

MORE information about your artistic and sonic goal
Any reference track: what other songs sound similar in «mood» to yours? Did you take inspiration from some other songs? Please notice: referencing a song doesn’t mean copying!!! Your song will have its unique character and personality!!! Please send us CD extracted .wav files for your loudness reference
The lyrics of your song
An authorisation to add your song to our portfolio / audio reel
Full credit on your release(s). We will give you information about the correct credits for our service, and we’d really appreciate it
An invitation to your Grammy awarding ceremony and party!

SPECIAL BUNDLE - Did we mix your song? In this case the mastering service can be bundled! Mastering will be discounted

Do you need to master a set of songs (EP/Album) we mixed for you? Contact us for a custom offer!

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Mastering sample - Before and After
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