Stem Mixing with Analog Gear for $50

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Stem Mixing with Analog Gear for $50

Send me your stems to be mixing through analog gear. I go through Logic and into a passive Folcrom summing box that can go into any number of pres for size and color: Neve 33415, CAPI VP26s(modeled after an API vintage console preamp), Fivefish SC-1 mk500s, or some Yamaha PM-1000s. Add to the chain a Summit Audio EQP-200b dual EQ (even sounds great when the EQ is bypassed!), mixes tend to sound pretty damn good.

All the Soundcloud examples are from local New Orleans bands who recorded "Commando Style" in living rooms and other decidedly non-traditional studio spaces.

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  1. Review By: sovereign1 Sep 5, 2016

    You won't regret it. Best ever, communication, quality of work, everything!