Learn Music Production with Studio One 5 for $50

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Learn Music Production with Studio One 5 for $50

Hello all and thank you for viewing my Studio One 5 gig!

This gig is for Studio One 5 users of all levels including those of you coming to Studio One 5 from a different DAW. My name is Johnnie and I have been using Studio One for 12 years now. Let me help you get your head around this fantastic DAW and create the music you want to make.

You will learn:

How to benefit from the simple drag & drop workflow
How to record and edit MIDI & audio
How to use unique features like the Scratch Pad, Chord Track and Melodyne Essential (Studio One 5 Professional)
How to use Studio One's unique effects such as the Splitter
Or you can specify which exact feature(s)you want to learn

Pricing is $50 per 1 hour lesson, $45 for 2-4 1 hour lessons, $40 for 5 or more 1 hour lessons.

Studio One 5 is a feature rich and highly customizable DAW. It offers way more than I can cover even in 5 1-hour lessons, but of course you are free to order as many lessons as you'd like. So sign up and let's get started! :)

  • Neo soul
  • R&B
  • Jazz


Made in Studio One 5, I played keys one this
  • Content
  • Babylon Falls

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