Professional Mix And Master Fast Turnaround for $150

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Professional Mix And Master Fast Turnaround for $150

17 year veteran recording and mixing engineer. Get the first song mixed at this low introductory price. I use industry standard equipment and software. I specialize in Rock/Metal and their many sub genres but have been known to do good country, jazz, Latin, folk mixes as well. I am open to any genres of music. I employ tools such as drum replacing, editing and pitch correction unless you have any objections about that. I am flexible to work with you in achieving the sound you want. I have never ran into a problem with track counts and usually I work in 44.1k, 48k, and sometimes 96k sample rates. I welcome your rough mixes if they are necessary to explain where elements of the song should be placed, but if you don't think it matters then I will just mix the song from scratch the way I hear it.

I currently own and operate Chromaphonic Recordings based in Yreka, CA, located in northern California. You can easily find my website via google by searching the studio name and city and find a complete list of gear, experience and discography.

Final Mix and Master

Recorded by client in home studio, mixed and mastered by me.
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1 Review

  1. Review By: marksmith Nov 13, 2017

    Was looking for a heavy 90s sound and he delivered.

    Would definitely recommend his mixing for punk or hard rock music.